Lagos: Wide and Close

This is a documentary by Bregtje van der Haak and Rem Koolhaas. I have enjoyed it so far. It is an interactive dvd so you can pick one of three audios and one of two views [wide/close]. Never picked up a dvd with this much choice before. I’ve been listening to the people of Lagos audio on the dvd and found it brought back a lot of memories of the country to me, especially the mend and make do/ think outside of the box creativity displayed in my time in the country.

Great news its free to watch online and something so far i think its quite enjoyable and quite interesting hearing the questions of the interviewer with the people of Lagos. Also hearing varying views from opposites of society in Nigeria and how they each view life in their city. The questions are quite elaborate in asking where things are from and going to, not a simple what’s it like to live here? and the responses unite under the pursuitĀ of business.

Watch film by this link:


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