Bernard Tschumi – Fireworks Paris, France 1992

bernard tschumi firework 03 bernard tschumi firework 02 bernard tschumi firework 03 (1)

I like the drawings as a collection of information, I think if they were taken as individual fragments they would lose what makes them special. My eyes follow them as a timeline or as movie storyboard sequences. When looking at the diagrams I can understand one or two rows of information but the rest is quite cryptic. But Tschumi understands the logic behind the drawings and can clearly communicate what he wants as seen in this dialogue between Tschumi (referred to as you) and the fabricator.

‘The fabricator looks at you as if you are insane and says, “No, we don’t do it like that. Just tell us what do you want; we don’t understand that kind of stuff. Take the drawings away. Just tell us in words. Do you want a big, noisy boom? A big blue, then a big red?

So you patiently read the drawing aloud to him and say, “Yes, here we want this many rockets; a few red ones, then a white explosion, and then a series of little white ones that do…”

“Ah, now you’re talking,” he says’.

[Take from Tschumi. B – Architecture Concepts Red is not a Color]


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