Historia Naturae – Jan Svankmajer

I love the music for this animation. The composer is czech born Zdeněk Liška. Svankmajer’s style tends to feel like it is animated to the music. I enjoy the mix use of still drawings, inanimate objects, bones, live and stuffed animals. There is something really beautiful about the drawings and how they are used in the film, not sure why I like it so much yet (may take time to mature in my head the reason why).
Parts of the music from this, ‘The Flat’ and ‘Ossuary’ were used in the Quay Brothers ‘The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer’. Before I forget there is a cabinet in the video with crabs coming out of the drawers which reminded me a lot of Érik Desmazières “Frontispice” (2011) etching.


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